Business plans and helping hands: New options for novice investors

by CRE on 23 Jan 2019

CREW has never been shy in its belief that real estate is a business, and that’s not just because of the dollar signs. Real estate involves the same levels of planning, strategizing and execution that undergird every successful business.

But according to Linda and Keith Perrin, co-founders of All-Ternative Solutions, many investors new to real estate don’t realize the importance of creating a sound, business plan and investing footprint. It’s a situation they hope to change as they welcome a fresh crop of investors into their real estate training program.

“A lot of the people we come in contact with think ‘I want 1,000 doors in ten years’ is a business plan,” Keith says, “but a phrase like that is a dream or a goal, not a plan.” Without a proper, revisable business plan – which allows investors to chart their progress, tweak strategies and make sounder decisions about their properties – too many investors are just hunting in the dark, hoping to get lucky.

But novice investors with no business experience may find creating a business plan daunting and, ultimately, discouraging. That is why the Perrins make building a business plan and footprint central to their teaching. At their upcoming three-day training event, taking place in North Bay, Ontario, from February 14-16, all attendees will be leaving with a completed, fully personalized business plan that will put them in a position to buy their first property.

Attendees will also learn, in a small group setting:

  • how to define what their goals are
  • what questions to ask a potential realtor, property manager, contractor or lawyer
  • the ins, outs and vocabularies of various profitable investment strategies
  • what strategy is best for them
  • how to source, fund and close deals in the US

Mentoring done right
Keith and Linda are no strangers to the disappointing returns delivered by many real estate training courses. Rather than arming attendees with practical information, these events are often little more than opportunities for the promoters to upsell their clients, leaving them to fend for themselves.

While a number of these hopeful new investors do wind up buying properties, that is only one part of the battle. Without a support structure in place, many of them will still struggle to realize their goals. That is why the Perrins also offer their clients a wide range of mentorship services.

But don’t call it a program
“’Program’ implies that it’s the same system for everyone,” Linda says. “But if everyone is an individual on their own path, how can a trainer ethically tell every investor to follow the exact same steps regardless of where they live or what their situation is?”

Instead, Linda and Keith offer affordable, ongoing mentorship ($250 a month for six months) that puts them in direct touch with their clients. From combing through the fine print on an offer to answering questions about what the best investment neighborhoods are in, for example, Dayton, Ohio, investors who align themselves with the Perrins are granted access to a wealth of expertise built over the course of thirty years of flipping and house-hacking (Linda) and decades of commercial property sourcing and team-building (Keith). The Perrin’s have also built an extensive list of contacts – which has proven to be a lifesaver for more than a few clients – and teach investors how they, too, can build their own valuable network of professionals.

“We show people how to build their own teams of building inspectors, realtors, lawyers, and contractors – proper ones, not people who picked up a hammer and said, ‘Hey! I’m a contractor!’ – in a number of highly profitable US markets,” Keith says.

“We give them the information they need to get started and to build connections,” adds Linda, “and we hold their hand through the entire process. We teach people enough information so they can purchase their own properties, but everyone learns at a different speed. If someone needs more help to be comfortable with investing, we’re here for them.”

Download this white paper to learn more about Keith and Linda Perrin and their company, All-Ternative Solutions. To sign up for their upcoming seminar, February 12-14 in North Bay, Ontario, call (705) 474-4794 or email [email protected] today.

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